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What is Draw No Bet? A Precise Guide to Betting with Refunds

The Draw No Bet (DNB) wager is considered one of the safest and most favorable types of bets for players. For football bettors, choosing the right type of bet is crucial for maximizing profits. In this article, will share with you the concept and precise method of betting on Draw No Bet.

Understanding Draw No Bet

Draw No Bet (DNB), also known as a no-draw bet, is very popular in online bookmakers. This is a simple and easy-to-understand type of bet, often used in highly competitive matches.

As the name suggests, if the match ends in a draw, the player will receive their stake back. However, if either team wins, you are considered the winner and will receive the corresponding profit.

Practical Example of Draw No Bet

To understand better how it works, let's look at a specific example. In a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, if you place $100 on Real Madrid, and the match ends in a draw, you will not lose your bet and will be refunded $100. However, if Real Madrid wins, you will receive $200 ($100 original stake plus $100 profit). Conversely, if Real Madrid loses, you will lose your $100 bet.

Benefits of Draw No Bet

Draw No Bet offers numerous benefits to players, primarily the ability to protect your capital. Especially when one of the teams has overwhelming strength or the odds for that team are too low, this is a great option to minimize the risk of losing money. Additionally, it helps you play more safely in balanced matches or those with unpredictable outcomes.

Full Formula for Calculating Draw No Bet Stakes

To effectively place DNB bets, calculating the stakes and odds is crucial. Therefore, Wintips provides you with the following formula for calculating your bets:

Draw Stake = Capital / Draw Odds

First, calculate the amount to bet on a draw. Here’s a specific example:

In a match between Liverpool and Manchester United, the odds for the two teams are Liverpool (1.50) and Manchester United (2.50). If you want to place $100 on a DNB bet for Liverpool, and the draw odds are 3.50, the amount bet on the draw will be:

Draw Stake = $100 / 3.50 = $28.57

Player's Winning Stake = Capital - Draw Stake

After calculating the draw stake, you can calculate the player's winning stake by subtracting it from the total capital. This helps in setting an appropriate winning limit to maximize profits.

For example: In the Liverpool vs. Manchester United match, if you calculated the draw stake as $28.57, and you want to place $100 on a DNB bet for Liverpool, then the profit margin will be:

$28.57 = $100 - $28.57 = $71.43

Thus, betting on a Draw No Bet ensures you do not lose money but only gain profits. Your task now is to calculate how to invest without exceeding your available capital.

Betting Tips for New Players

For new players just starting in football betting and interested in Draw No Bet, here are some tips and notes to help you bet more effectively:

Research Thoroughly About Leagues and Teams

Researching information about leagues and teams is crucial. Read expert reviews, watch recent matches, and check the team's winning statistics in previous matches. This information helps in making accurate decisions and increases the chance of winning bets.

Start with Small Capital to Get Acquainted

If you are new to esports betting site philippines, start with a small capital to get acquainted and avoid significant losses. Begin with bets that have low odds and risks, gradually accumulating experience and increasing capital as you become more confident.

Combine with Various Types of Bets

To increase the chances of winning and profits, combine DNB with other types of bets such as Asian Handicap, Over/Under, Odd/Even, etc. This way, if DNB doesn't win, you can still make profits from other types of bets.


The content above provides you with an understanding of Draw No Bet (DNB), how to calculate stakes, and some useful tips for new players. Remember, careful research is always a key factor in winning in the world of football betting. Good luck and may you continuously encounter good fortune!

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